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11 September 2001 . News Stories








28 mar Europe's anger at U.S. reaches boiling point David S. Broder
12 mar UK plays down Iraq force requests Michael Wines
NY Times
10 mar UK plays down Iraq force requests  
BBC News

27 feb A Leaky Ship Goes Under Howard Kurtz
Washington Post
27 feb A drug on the market  
The Economist
23 feb First Tower to Fall Was Hit at Higher Speed, Study Finds Eric Lipton & James Glanz NY Times
23 feb Police say U.S. reporter had no chance John Ward Anderson and Peter Baker IHT
17 feb Allies Hear Sour Notes in 'Axis of Evil' Chorus David E. Sanger NY Times
17 feb The Way Bush Sees the World Steven Mufson Washington Post
13 feb Case Tying Algerian to Sept. 11 Attacks Collapses in Britain Alan Cowell NY Times
12 feb Bush Featured in G.O.P. Ads Criticizing 5 Senators B. Drummond Ayers Jr. NY Times
12 feb Less admiration of America and more fear Philip Bowring IHT
12 feb On anniversary of revolution, millions of Iranians march Neil MacFarquhar NY Times
11 feb U.S. Troops Search for Clues to Victims of Missile Strike Thom Shanker & James Risen NY Times
11 feb Released Afghans Tell of Beatings Carlotta Gall NY Times
10 feb Uncertain Toll in the Fog of War: Civilian Deaths in Afghanistan Barry Bearak NY Times
08 feb US 'rewriting rules on prisoners'   BBC News
05 feb Terror Acts by Baghdad Have Waned, U.S. Aides Say James Risen NY Times
05 feb Powell Says Administration Is Serious on 'Axis of Evil' Nations Todd S. Purdum NY Times

28 jan After Green Beret Operation, Townspeople Have Questions About Bound Bodies Craig S. Smith NY Times
27 jan Powell Asks Bush to Reverse Stand on War Captives Katharine Q. Seelye NY Times
27 jan Bin Laden Stirs Struggle on Meaning of Jihad John F. Burns NY Times
26 jan Bush: No Limit for Security Budget Lawrence Knutson Chicago Tribune
24 jan President to Seek $48 Billion More for the Military Richard W. Stevenson & Elisabeth Bumiller NY Times
22 jan More Than $4.5 Billion Pledged in Afghan Aid Effort Howard W. French NY Times
22 jan Gunmen attack US centre in Calcutta   BBC News
21 jan EU presses US on prisoner rights   BBC News
21 jan U.S. Makes Pledge for $300 Million in Aid to Afghans Todd S. Purdum & Howard W. French NY Times
20 jan The Widows' Battalion Andrew Marshall NY Times
20 jan Democrats Say Bush Aide Uses War for Political Gain Alison Mitchell NY Times
15 jan US defends captives' conditions   BBC News
15 jan U.N. Pleads for More Aid for Afghanistan's New Government Mark Landler & Katharine Q. Seelye NY Times
13 jan Attacks Are Estimated to Cost Nation 1.8 Million Jobs AP NY Times
03 jan Afghan Warlord's Rivals Link Him to U.S. Attacks Amy Waldman NY Times
02 jan A Frustrated A.C.L.U. Tries to Guide Consulates Through a Thicket William Glaberson NY Times

31 dec The Legacy of the Taliban Is a Sad and Broken Land Dexter Filkins NY Times
31 dec Bubble has burst on bin Laden myth David Lamb Chicago Tribune
31 dec Bin Laden Sought Iran as an Ally, U.S. Intelligence Documents Say James Risen NY Times
30 dec Many Say U.S. Planned for Terror but Failed to Take Action Judith Miller NY Times
28 dec Debate Over U.S. Raid on Convoy Exposes Fluid Loyalties in Area Shaken By War Amy Waldman NY Times
27 dec Afghan Has No Doubt Country Needs Him Carlotta Gall NY Times
26 dec Tracking Bioterror's Tangled Course Eric Lipton & Kirk Johnson NY Times
26 dec Critics' Attack on Tribunals Turns to Law Among Nations William Glaberson NY Times
24 dec Beware of Sulking Warlords in This Rearranged Afghanistan Husain Haqqani IHT
23 dec U.S. Says Afghan Convoy Still Seems 'Valid' Target By Reuters NY Times
21 dec Saudis Assail 'Media Blitz' Against Them in the West Douglas Jehl NY Times
19 dec Opinion Leaders: U.S. Policies Major Reason for Terrorist Attacks Keith B. Richburg Washington Post
19 dec Broad Effort Launched After '98 Attacks Barton Gellman Washington Post
18 dec 400 Experts Try to Harvest Afghanistan's Field of Mines C.J. Chivers NY Times
18 dec Many Arabs Nervous About Attack on Iraq Neil MacFarquhar NY Times
15 dec Beyond an Eye for an Eye Kevin Sullivan Washington Post
13 dec U.S. Recently Produced Anthrax in a Highly Lethal Powder Form William J. Broad & Judith Miller NY Times
11 dec Witnesses Recount Taliban Dying While Held Captive Carlotta Gall NY Times
11 dec Ashcroft Defends Antiterror Plan and Says Criticism May Aid Foes Neil A. Lewis NY Times
09 dec Where Buddhas Fell, Lives Too Lie in Ruins Berry Bearak NY Times
09 dec The Education of a Holy Warrior Jeffrey Goldberg NY Times
07 dec On the Run, Unrepentant John Pomfret Washington Post
07 dec Turkish PM says Sharon targets Arafat   BBC News
07 dec Bio-weapons talks suspended Emma Jane Kirby BBC News
07 dec US 'endorsed East Timor invasion'   BBC News
01 dec U.S. to Press Iraq to Let U.N. Inspect for Banned Arms Patrick E. Tyler & David Sanger NY Times

30 nov Groups Gird for Long Legal Fight on New Bush Anti-Terror Powers William Glaberson NY Times
30 nov Ashcroft Seeking to Free F.B.I. to Spy on Groups David Johnston & Don Van Natta, Jr NY Times
25 nov The World According to Colin Powell Bill Keller NY Times
22 nov Taliban Will Rise Again, Aide to Leader Tells Journalists Douglas Jehl NY Times
22 nov Saudi Sees No bin Laden-Iraq Link Douglas Jehl NY Times
21 nov Direction of Global War on Terror Raises Unsettling Questions Patrick E. Tyler NY Times
20 nov In War, It's Power to the President Dana Milbank Washington Post
20 nov U.S. Tells Afghans of Rewards for bin Laden James Risen and Thom Shanker NY Times
20 nov Powell Pledges New U.S. Role in Middle East Patrick E. Tyler NY Times
20 nov Israel Wrecks Gaza Houses, Plans Settlement Homes Nidal al-Mughrabi NY Times
20 nov Afghanistan's huge rebuilding task   BBC News
19 nov The Corrupt and Brutal Reclaim Afghan Thrones, Evoking Chaos of Somalia Jane Perlez NY Times
18 nov How a Camp Becomes a City Peter Maass NY Times
18 nov Bush Team Is Reversing Environmental Policies Katharine Q. Seelye NY Times
18 nov US accused over bio-weapons deal Paul Wilenius and Robbie Gibb BBC News
16 nov U.S. Set to Retain Smallpox Stocks Judith Miller NY Times
16 nov Loss of 79,000 Jobs Adds to City's Economic Woes Leslie Eaton NY Times
15 nov Sept. 11 Attacks Cost City $83 Billion AP NY Times
12 nov Oil Diplomacy Muddled U.S. Pursuit of bin Laden, New Book Contends Ethan Bronner NY Times

27 oct US admits second bombing error   BBC News
27 oct US expands support for Colombia Jeremy McDermott BBC News
27 oct A Week of Setbacks Tests U.S. Patience and Its Plan of Attack Thomas E. Ricks and Karen DeYoung Washington Post
26 oct Strategy Fails to Splinter Taliban Molly Moore and Kamran Khan Washington Post
26 oct Analysis: Threat from disease weapons   BBC News
26 oct Anthrax 'could have US source'   BBC News
25 oct Feds Launch 'Operation Green Quest'   Washington Post
25 oct US admits Bin Laden may escape   BBC News
25 oct After a Week of Reassurances, Ridge's Anthrax Message Is Grim Sheryl Gay Stolberg and Judith Miller Washington Post
24 oct Naming of Hijackers as Saudis May Further Erode Ties to U.S. Elaine Sciolino with Neil MacFarquhar NY Times
23 oct On Many Fronts, Experts Plan for the Unthinkable: Biowarfare   NY Times
23 oct Patient Assasin. Anthrax Germs Turn the Body Against Itself Nicholas Wade NY Times
15 oct President Rejects Offer by Taliban for Negotiations Elisabeth Bumiller NY Times
15 oct Letter Sent to Senate Majority Leader Has Anthrax AP NY Times
14 oct The Despair Beneath the Arab World's Growing Rage Susan Sachs NY Times
14 oct Khatami lays into Taleban and US   BBC News
14 oct In full: Al-Qaeda statement   BBC News
13 oct Slowed by Site's Fragility, the Heavy Lifting Has Only Begun Eric Lipton and James Glanz NY Times
13 oct Powell: Mideast solution a must John Diamond Chicago Tribune
13 oct Anti-war protesters rally in London   BBC News
07 oct Bin Laden defiant   BBC News
05 oct The investigation and the evidence   BBC News

30 sept Bin Laden 'hidden by Taleban'   BBC News
30 sept Thousands Fill Streets Of D.C. to Protest War Manny Fernandez and Petula Dvorak Washington Post
30 sept Hijackers Led By Core Group Amy Goldstein Washington Post
27 sept Death wish: Hijackers' final orders   BBC News
27 sept Issue Now: Does U.S. Have a Plan? RW Apple Jr NY Times
26 sept Talking To Your Child About The WTC Attack   The Onion
26 sept God Angrily Clarifies 'Don't Kill' Rule   The Onion
26 sept American Life Turns Into Bad Jerry Bruckheimer Movie   The Onion
26 sept Hijackers Surprised To Find Selves In Hell   The Onion
25 sept Years to Build and Moments to Destroy: How the Twin Towers Fell Warren E. Leary NY Times
24 sept U.S. to Publish Terror Evidence on bin Laden Jane Perlez, Tim Weiner NY Times
23 sept Who Hates the U.S.? Who Loves It? Elaine Sciolino NY Times
23 sept Waging War in Afghanistan Could Rattle Region Patrick E Tyler NY Times
23 sept Unpolished Secret Agents Were Able to Hide in Plain Sight Tim Golden, Michael Moss and Jim Yardley NY Times
23 sept Counting Sandeep Jauhar NY Times
22 sept The Hunt for bin Laden Gears Up on a Trail Gone Cold John F Burns NY Times
21 sept President Issues Ultimatum to Terrorists and Supporters John F. Harris and Mike Allen Washington Post
20 sept Saudis and Indians Cast Doubts on Identities of Accused By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NY Times
20 sept President Outlines Vision for 'New War' Elisabeth Bumiller NY Times
19 sept Buildings Burn and Fall as Onlookers Search for Elusive Safety David E. Sanger NY Times
18 sept Taleban discuss Bin Laden's fate   BBC News
18 sept Bin Laden 'share gains' probe   BBC News
18 sept Bush condemns 'revenge attacks'   BBC News
17 sept Taliban Reject Pakistan's Call for bin Laden John F Burns NY Times
17 sept Spy satellites search for Bin Laden Dr David Whitehouse BBC News
17 sept Hero's final phone call   BBC News
17 sept A Demand for Taliban to Hand Over bin Laden or Risk U.S. Attack JOHN F. BURNS with CHRISTOPHER S. WREN Washington Post
16 sept Scratching Violence for Family Fare and Patriotism Bernard Weinraub NY Times
16 sept Rescuers Continue the Search as List of Missing Exceeds 5,000 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NY Times
16 sept Bin Laden: Architect of New Global Terrorism Karen DeYoung and Michael Dobbs Washington Post
15 sept BBC chief apologises for terror debate   BBC News
15 sept Taleban threatens to retaliate   BBC News
15 sept Bush Warns That Coming Conflict Will Not Be Short Elaine Sciolino NY Times
15 sept Russia Takes Stand Against Terrorism, but the Stance Wavers Quickly Michael Wines NY Times
14 sept Airlines bankruptcy warning   BBC News
14 sept A Vow to Erase Networks bin Laden Is Singled Out Elisabeth Bumiller and Jane Perlez NY Times
14 sept America's invisible enemy David Loyn BBC News
13 sept Taliban Plead for Mercy to the Miserable in a Land of Nothing Barry Bearak NY Times
13 sept Bush Says Attack Was 'First War of the 21st Century' James Barron NY Times
13 sept Black Box Found at Crash Site as Investigation Goes On AP NY Times
13 sept Air Traffic Controllers Spotted Unidentified Aircraft Marc Fisher and Don Phillips Washington Post
12 sept Giuliani's moment Joan Walsh
12 sept White House May Have Been Terrorist Target Charles Babington Washington Post
12 sept Rescue Workers Rush In, and Many Do Not Return Fire EDWARD WONG and JANE FRITSCH NY Times
12 sept Believed to Be Safe, the Towers Proved Vulnerable to Jet Fuel Fire By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NY Times
12 sept Buildings Burn and Fall as Onlookers Search for Elusive Safety N.R. Kleinfeld NY Times
12 sept Thousands dead in 'evil' attacks   BBC News
12 sept Tragic events unfolded with sickening speed John Dorschner Miami Herald
11 sept No Warnings Preceded Attacks Karen DeYoung Washington Post
11 sept Militia groups deny claim for terror attack . Experts wait to hear from Kabul; Osama bin Laden is elusive Carol Rosenberg Miami Herald
11 sept Third Tower Crumbles in New York Michael Powell Washington Post
11 sept Loud Boom, Then Flames In Hallways Mary Beth Sheridan Washington Post
11 sept World stunned by `new evil' Herald wire services Washington Post
11 sept Terrorist attacks spread in nation's capital; buildings evacuated Ron Fournier Miami Herald
11 sept Eyewitnesses tell tales of terror Helen O'Neill Miami Herald
11 sept Thousands Feared Dead as World Trade Center Is Toppled James Barron NY Times

13 mar 1994 Blowback From the Afghan Battlefield Tim Weiner NY Times
sept 1994 The Roots of Muslim Rage Bernard Lewis The Atlantic