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25 nov Leftist, a Former Coup Leader, Heads for Victory in Ecuador JUAN FORERO NY Times

  A Way Out for Colombia Justin Podur ZNet
04 mar Colombian Rebels Step Up Attacks JUAN FORERO NY Times

25 feb Colombian Rebels Sabotage Peace Hopes JUAN FORERO NY Times
24 feb The evolution of the U.S. role in Colombia's Civil War various Washington Post
24 feb Colombia Rebels Kidnap Presidential Candidate Andrew Selsky AP/Washington Post
22 feb Colombia Begins Ground Action to Retake Rebel Zone JUAN FORERO NY Times
20 feb U.S. Woman Jailed in Peru Won't Get a Presidential Pardon JUAN FORERO NY Times
06 feb Administration Shifts Focus on Colombia Aid JUAN FORERO NY Times

15 jan Peace Talks in Colombia Are Revived by an Accord JUAN FORERO NY Times
13 jan New Chance for Peru's Chief to Take Reins DAVID GONZALEZ NY Times
13 jan Colombian Rebels to Leave Enclave as Talks Fail REUTERS NY Times
05 jan Bush's Policy on Argentina Signals Shift in Approach JOSEPH KAHN with DAVID E. SANGER NY Times

31 dec Argentine interim leader resigns   BBC News
31 dec As U.S. Military Settles in, Some in Ecuador Have Doubts LARRY ROHTER NY Times
27 dec A Transfer Of Power In Colombia Scott Wilson Washington Post
24 dec IMF and U.S. Under Fire for Policy on Argentina Joseph Kahn IHT/NY Times
23 dec Argentine Leader Declares Default on $132 Billion Debt CLIFFORD KRAUSS NY Times
22 dec Argentina names interim president   BBC News
22 dec Bush backs IMF austerity measures   BBC News
22 dec Colombia resumes rebel dialogue   BBC News
21 dec Argentine Leader Quits as Economy Begins a Free Fall CLIFFORD KRAUSS NY Times
19 dec Boy Who Moved Colombia, Not Rebels, Dies REUTERS NY Times