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Bush was telling us yesterday that he is sending to the Arab countries his foreign minister.
Do you think the Arab countries are your ranch, you dog?"

06 apr Arab Protesters Focus Ire on U.S. NEIL MacFARQUHAR NY Times
06 apr U.S. Envoy Meets Arafat as Israel Steps Up Its Sweep JAMES BENNET NY Times
05 apr 2 Girls, Divided by War, Joined in Carnage Joel Greenberg NY Times
05 apr Bush Wins Praise in Europe, U.S. and U.N., but Arabs Remain Wary NEIL MacFARQUHAR NY Times
03 apr Anger in the Streets Is Exerting Pressure on Arab Moderates Neil MacFarquhar NY Times
03 apr Israeli democracy's decline Baruch Kimmerling IHT
03 apr White House Feels Its Way as Crisis Deepens MICHAEL R. GORDON and TODD S. PURDUM NY Times
02 apr Bush Is Criticized for Mideast Role DAVID E. SANGER and MICHAEL R. GORDON NY Times
02 apr Fighting Intensifies in Bethlehem, Ramallah Keith B. Richburg Washington Post
02 apr Israel hunts down Arafat's top aides Lee Hockstader Washington Post
02 apr Muslim nations fail to define terrorism, settle on support for Palestinians Hamzah Hendawi IHT
02 apr Sharon Proposes Arafat's Exile as Israeli Forces Shell His Compound THE ASSOCIATED PRESS NY Times
01 apr Arafat Stays Confined as Israelis Mass Near 2 West Bank Towns James Bennett NY Times

29 mar European Leaders Are Alarmed By Rising Turmoil in Mideast WARREN HOGE NY Times
29 mar Extended Operation Set in West Bank After Terror Bombing JOEL BRINKLEY and SERGE SCHMEMANN NY Times
27 mar Holiday Bombing Kills 19 Israelis JASON KEYSER Chicago Tribune
27 mar Saudi, in Emotional Plea to Israel, Offers 'Land for Peace' Proposal NEIL MacFARQUHAR NY Times
26 mar Israel Puts Off an Early Decision on Letting Arafat Go to Beirut JOEL BRINKLEY NY Times
24 mar A Secret Iran-Arafat Connection Is Seen Fueling the Mideast Fire DOUGLAS FRANTZ and JAMES RISEN NY Times
13 mar Israel Suffers 2 More Attacks Lee Hockstader and Daniel Williams Washington Post
09 mar Sharon's Setback: A U.S. Envoy's Return SERGE SCHMEMANN NY Times
08 mar More Than 30 Palestinians Killed as New Fighting Grips Mideast SERGE SCHMEMANN with TERENCE NEILAN NY Times
04 mar At Least 17 Palestinians Killed as Israel Retaliates SERGE SCHMEMANN NY Times
04 mar From Beneath an Olive Tree, a Palestinian Sniper Kills 10 JAMES BENNET NY Times
03 mar Bomb Kills 9 in an Ultra-Orthodox Section of Jerusalem JAMES BENNET NY Times
01 mar Israeli Raids Kill 11 in Arab Camps on the West Bank JAMES BENNET NY Times

27 feb Bush Welcomes Saudi Proposal on Mideast Peace DAVID E. SANGER with SERGE SCHMEMANN NY Times
21 feb Embattled Sharon vows new direction Stephen Franklin Chicago Tribune
20 feb As Attacks Intensify, Israel Shifts Policy Lee Hockstader Washington Post
20 feb Israel Retaliates Against Palestinians for Ambush JAMES BENNET NY Times
17 feb 2 Babies Born in Mideast After Mothers Are Shot James Bennett NY Times
13 feb Alienating Iran   The Economist
13 feb Powell Says U.S. Is Weighing Ways to Topple Hussein MICHAEL R. GORDON and DAVID E. SANGER NY Times
07 feb Sharon's Year in Power Has Been Israel's Bloodiest in a Generation Lee Hockstader IHT/Washington Post
07 feb Numbness Sets In as Horror, and Its Aftermath, Become Routine Lee Hockstader IHT/Washington Post

27 jan Don't Weaken Arafat, Saudi Warns Bush ELAINE SCIOLINO NY Times
25 jan Car Bomb Kills Figure in 1982 Lebanese Massacre NEIL MacFARQUHAR NY Times
11 jan Israeli Army Bulldozes Gaza Airport Runway JOEL GREENBERG NY Times